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  1. Hannah Thickens says:

    I loved my experience at the Copper Penny in Columbia , SC. The clothing is all high quality and very classy (plus trendy). You won’t find a sweeter owner and staff, seriously they are great and knowledgeable! I had a wonderful time trying on clothes and having the gal’s give me their opinions, they were very courteous and got my fitting room started, anytime I picked something up to try on they came over to add it to my room (I was treated like a queen).

    I enjoyed the experience all round. Ended up getting a nice blouse and adorable romper, cannot wait to wear these items! I’ll definitely be going back

  2. Jan Cowan says:

    Great experience at Copper Penny in Winston Salem, NC. The owner and staff were so kind and helpful. What a wonderful and nice experience…will definitely go back and recommend to friends. Beautiful clothes……

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